Alpine Bay Eye Test

Alpine Bay Eye Test

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Diabetic and Hypertension Eye Exams in Alpine Bay

Two of the most potentially harmful health issues you can have are diabetes and hypertension. The good news is that here at Cheaha Eye Associates, signs of both can be detected as part of your standard yearly eye exam, giving you the vital early warning required so that the odds are in your favor of positive outcomes. Furthermore, by being aware of the presence of diabetes, our eye doctor can be more attentive to the potential effects it can have on your ocular wellness.

Whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, it makes no difference so far as your eyes are concerned. You are susceptible to the eye disease called diabetic retinopathy, as well as being more prone to contracting glaucoma. That isn’t the only bad news, however. Both of those conditions do not reveal noticeable symptoms until they have reached an advanced stage. So while it is recommended for all of our valued patients to have our Alpine Bay eye test two times per year, it is even more so for those who are already diagnosed diabetics. As for hypertension, which is commonly referred to as high blood pressure, there are a host of possible consequences that it can cause, and the sooner you are aware of the situation, the more quickly you can act to do something about it, whether that means lifestyle changes, medication, or both. A big part of the risk with high blood pressure is your eyes, which can develop hypertensive retinopathy. Both types of retinopathy are associated with vision loss and damage to your retinal blood vessels. And this is yet further motivation to come in for our Alpine Bay eye test.

It’s reassuring to know that you can get both early warning about diabetes and hypertension, and also preventive care for them as they relate to your eye health simply by having our Alpine Bay eye test. Contact us now to schedule a convenient time.

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