Alpine Bay optometrist

Alpine Bay Optometrist

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Optometrist in Alpine Bay

Our practice is dedicated to all of your eye care needs, which includes making certain you experience the best vision possible, keeping your eyes healthy, and also providing you with eyewear ranging from designer frames to a wide array of contact lenses. That’s all part of our total commitment here at Cheaha Eye Associates.

It is highly recommended that you make it a yearly routine to visit our office so you can have a comprehensive eye exam performed by our Alpine Bay optometrist. One reason for this is that your vision needs are in a continual state of evolving. You may not have needed corrective eyewear before, but now it might be helpful to improving your vision. Even if you have existing eyeglasses or contact lenses, the prescription may cease to offer you the benefits they did when you first got them. Our Alpine Bay optometrist will update the prescription if needed. You will also be screened for the most common eye diseases, all of which are free of symptoms during their early stages. And because advanced eye disease puts you at extreme risk for permanent consequences, such as eye damage or vision loss, it is essential to take advantage of prompt diagnosis and treatment. You can also depend on us for the evaluation and care of urgent eye issues including infections when a problem does occur. And if you are diabetic or suffer from high blood pressure, you should come in for periodic examinations and assessments to determine if there has been any impact on your eyes as a result. Add to that our full-service optical department, including sunglasses and safety glasses, too, and it’s easy to understand why we’re the only place you need to go for your vision and top eye care.

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